Digital Marketing Expertise in Plain English

Digital marketing can feel like a language all its own. Curious abbreviations like GMB, GSC, GA, KPI and PPC can be downright intimidating to the marketing-outsider. Then there’s more gobbledygook such as bounce rates, behavior flows, load times, backlinks, footprints, web journeys, personas and the like. If you’re having trouble understanding the jargon or how to apply the knowledge hidden within the terms, you’ve come to the right place.

I take the complex components of digital marketing and turn them into plain English that everyone can understand. Then I use proven strategies to give you an advantage over the competition online. And the best part: you’ll know and understand exactly what we are doing and why, so you can be the co-pilot the whole time. I’ll even teach you how to fly the thing yourself, if you want.

You know that what you do is excellent, so why don’t more people seek you out?

That is where I come in and diagnose what the heck is happening. Is your website the culprit? Is it the total website experience or is it – at the end of the day – just a ‘ho-hum’ brochure pasted up online – missing all the dynamism that could turn a site visitor into a buyer? Did someone write it because they were told to and just got ‘er done’?  Was there much forethought?

Only I will tell you your baby is ugly – in the nicest way possible!

Imagine the possibilities if someone was by your side who actually knew what they were doing and could pinpoint the exact ways to resuscitate your marketing.

Do you speak Google?

I do. It all starts with how you are showing up on that search engine. Let me get you out of the quagmire of reviews and rankings!

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Website Performance Audits

An in-depth look at every page, every corner, and every bit of code on your website

I leave no rock unturned. Errors, problems having to do with design, performance, user experience (UX) and conversions are surfaced. I take a keen look at your rankings, your incoming referral links, and your presence on other internet properties as well, including Google My Business, social media platforms and directory listings.

How is your business showing up online?

Many digital marketing agencies would stop there. But I go further. I cannot look at your website in isolation – without understanding the market that you are in. I take a forensic look at the competition (sometimes even identifying search competition that you didn’t know existed) and try to determine how you can best carve out and command your very own niche.

I am a critic but a constructive one, for sure.

Remedial Site Planning

A website is only as good as its planned structure — its site map.

After a site audit, the next natural step is purposeful and precise site mapping in order to build our audit findings into an upgraded or altogether new site. We’ve identified your best foot forward. Now we can plan a site—together with your team—that enables you to step into the limelight. This could mean a leaner, more interactive site. Or it could mean building out subdomains and landing pages for various conversion goals. Either way, you’ll have the new knowledge to have it make utter sense and serve the visitor appropriately and richly.

Establishing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Baselines and Custom Punch Lists

A measured, proven approach

Before a new or updated site goes live, it’s a smart time to take measurements of how the old version was performing. That way you have a basis for comparison when the new or updated site is live and fully takes hold.

The KPI Baseline tells you if indeed you need a new site or just a few new topical pages. It diagnoses load speeds. Impediments to Google. How well the site is optimized for search. Where are there some useless pages. And what’s working, too, like the hyper-appealing pages you already have.

Is your site working for you?

Any business with a real intent on success in digital marketing simply must take the temperature of its website and see if the patient needs emergency care or is in stable enough condition that a few vitamins will improve matters greatly.

I compile these KPI Baselines and address them in a webcast or in person meetings with staff and management. I take the owners and principals through a custom slide deck that uncovers the things to do now and then things to do in later phases in order to make sure the webvsite delivers quantifiable results.

I provide an actionable punch list of needed improvements with suggested priorities…. What things to fix, optimize, massage, improve, overhaul, or realistically – just live with. These might have to do with SEO if your audience is just not finding you on Google.

Having baselines established gets management on the same page going forward. And when metrics are run the next time, there is a solid basis for comparison. Are we making the mid-course corrections that matter? Focus is everything, and that’s what you get when you let me do your KPI Baseline. Laser-focus from now on.

Oh, by the way, I bring those results and punch list to you and talk everyone in management through them. That is easily done on Zoom! It is NOT something that just lands with a thud on your desk and then gathers dust!

Get answers to questions like these:

  • Was the money on a site overhaul well spent?
  • What keywords are people using to land on the number one product page?
  • Have your search rankings improved?
  • Are site visits up and are they the right demographics?
  • Were all the dead ends eliminated?
  • Where did people regularly abandon the site in the past and which are the most common exit pages now?
  • Is Minnesota still your number one source of web traffic or is there a new geographic hot spot?
  • Was it a wise move to take down all the stock shots and replace them with custom photographs?
  • Are you getting more visits to the site from relevant businesses now that the blog is hosted there rather than offsite?
  • Which blogs are read the most?

KPI on the Fly

Your Key Performance Indicators, sent to you on ‘automatic’

This freebie is worth its weight in gold. I call it the KPI on the Fly. Any client who has had me do their initial KPI Baseline gets this monthly metrics report for free – until they say stop delivering it.

It’s simple. I set up a recurring investigation of your website: conversion rate, total traffic, most visited pages, bounce rates, rankings, and more. I make sure to use custom metrics that are meaningful to your business, not abstractions or wool-gathering. And then I arrange it so that on the first of every month, a custom PDF is sent to your inbox so you can take a look at the recent month’s results and in comparison, to prior month and prior year-to-date.

The beauty is that this KPI on the Fly report can be sent to anyone on your team you designate to receive it. It is bite-sized knowledge in a few graphic pages. Nothing cerebral. Real down-to-earth takeaways at a glance. You can all look at the numbers at the same time each month and get a bead on the business.

You gotta have this!

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Audits and Custom Punch Lists

For a Conversion Audit, I look at your site from the perspective of your audience

This requires that I have a broad and precise read on your visitors, and usually requires that I have different “personas” in mind that stand in for different segments of your audience (for example: 30-something homeowners with a college degree who are concerned about the environment, industrial buyers with a high degree of loyalty to another company but curious about new products that could save money or speed up Just-In-Time supply lines, etc.)

Then I navigate through the site from the perspective of each buying group. As I go, I take notes about what is effective and what is less effective. What questions remain? What frustrations might impede prospects from getting the information they’re looking for? How straightforward is the navigation? How convincing is the text? What mood do you create? Does it appeal to each buyer type? How easy is it to take action?

Once I understand what impediments exist to getting your visitors to convert, I make a solid “punch list” of changes that you should make to improve conversions. It might have to do with tweaking copy on pages to appeal to more and different readers. Or maybe it will call for a couple of new graphics, or re-formulating the call to action that encourages visitors to actually get in touch. Whatever it is, you’ll have a crystal-clear idea of the path forward for proven results.

CRO services — Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO — is how I turn your website into your ideal salesperson

In a perfect world, everyone who comes to your site would find what they were looking for, and would engage you in whatever activity you think is most important. These conversions, as I call them, could be anything that is important to you: phone calls, requests for quote, sales inquiries, downloading a pdf, signing up for a newsletter, signing up for an event, or buying your product. CRO requires an informed study on all aspects of your website, thorough engagement with every aspect of your offering, and an astute read on the competition.

Do your visitors understand what you offer and why you are the preferred vendor? Have you built a solid case when they are info-gathering or are even more intent than that? Be at the right place at the right time with the right attitude and a smile on your virtual face. Call me at 970.689.3000 and let me convert you!

Learn from Laurie

On tap hours — digital marketing hours when you need them

Are you struggling to understand what media to use to get to your most opportunistic prospects? Or at a loss to write copy, let alone SEO Copy? Do you want to embark on an email campaign but don’t have the least idea what to say or to whom? Are there tags to write for your website and you are baffled about how to pull that off? How often should you publish a blog? What should your social media posts be about? Should you do more with LinkedIn?

All of these needs are reasons to have Learn from Laurie hours on tap. They don’t expire, any advice I give you that takes less than 10 minutes is not clocked. The price drops when buying bundles of 5 Laurie hours.

It’s like having a marketing manager on your side but not on your staff. All it takes is a phone call and if you like what you hear, go ahead and purchase your first bundle of 5 hours. I am betting you will be a frequent purchaser when you recognize what a partner you brought on – someone who is solidly in your court and a digital marketing expert like no other!

Tutorials for your company

SEO Copywriting Tutorial

I understand that you are the best person to explain what you do. If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably been explaining what you do for years, and chances are you’ve gotten pretty good at it. That’s why you might be tempted to write the text of the website yourself.

This text, called the “copy” of the site, is crucially important for both real life visitors and the Google robots that visit your site. While you might be a wonderful writer, and you are certainly the most knowledgeable person about your company, the web requires a particular form of writing that—chances are—you haven’t mastered yet. Or don’t ever want to!

That’s why I offer a copywriting tutorial to give you the tools and techniques to write the web copy yourself. Through an interactive and very custom slide deck, I show you how to transform your writing for the web, so that the visitors to your site, and the Google machines that determine your rankings, can understand it and find it indispensable.

Conversion Optimization Tutorial

Once you have visitors coming to your website, how do you increase the percentage of them that follow your calls to action and convert? That’s what this brief but powerful tutorial will do for your business – getting site visitors to become buyers. Find out what the impediments are to conversion and what dead ends to watch out for. What do people appreciate when they come to a site and what gets their goat! Even a carefully crafted digital experience can miss the mark.

Learn what turns people towards you on a website and what makes them run away!

Online Reputation Management Tutorial

What people say about your business online could either catapult you to success or bring you down to your knees. You have got to get this one right. Learn about trolls and shade-throwers, paid likers, rank-hijackers, and other evil-doers you can’t let get the best of you.

Find out how to come out shining like a rose on the Internet and have that sweet perfume follow you around online. In this short session, you will find out about the very specific do’s and don’ts in making your business increasingly popular online. And how not to let critics take the upper hand.