Sunshiny Laurie – A Breath of Fresh Air in Digital Marketing

For fifteen years, I’ve been in the business of making digital marketing doable for my treasured clients. I stay ahead of the curve in the hard-scrabble world of online marketing. Find out why my voice message says “it’s 72 degrees and sunny in Blue Skies land!” It has a lot to do with my expertise.

About me

For 17 years I have been the president and founder of the well-known digital marketing firm: Blue Skies Marketing. “I fly the friendly skies of digital marketing and advise clients on how to gain altitude online.”

I have become affectionately known as the “Google Guru,” probably because I love alliteration AND I love Google. I truly am on top of what that gargantuan search engine needs to see in order to rank a website. I am also a sought-after expert on feeding those Google spiders and thoroughly attracting humans to a website and getting them to buy.

I have a way of making geeky things understandable too. People love the way I, like Mary Poppins, can make the Internet go down, “in a most delightful way!”

Past is prologue

Before starting Blue Skies Marketing, I was the Worldwide Communications Director at International Paper, a Fortune 50 company based in metro New York. I was also the Global Communications Director for the test and measurement firm – LeCroy Corporation. I served too as the worldwide Marketing Manager for prestigious Leica Cameras for close to a decade.

I wrote the curriculum for New York University’s master class on Integrated Marketing.

I am also a graduate of New York University and though an American, I grew up overseas, primarily in Afghanistan, England and Germany.

I left New York City 14 years ago. Since landing happily in Northern Colorado, I started the Boulder SEO Meet Up group as well as the Fort Collins Internet Professionals group which now has over 800 members. I was the Marketing Columnist for Biz West, sat on the Board of Directors of the Northern Colorado and Wyoming BBB for five years, started Ignite Fort Collins with a strong team of ‘edutainers’ in Fort Collins, and was the President of the Board of the Center for Fine Art Photography.

I want to be GREAT rather than BIG. It’s my choice to serve small businesses, with 5 to 50 employees. It’s who I am.

My boutique agency serves small businesses as a decided focus. That’s where I shine, where I feel I can contribute best. Small is my sweet spot!

I am honored that clients bring me into the fold, and count on me for honesty, smarts, daring and creativity. I bring the big ideas that get you noticed. My expertise spans from creating content to creating community. Just check out ALL the raves on my testimonials page.

Clients love me; they really do!

How I do it

I do what comes naturally: THINK. On your behalf. That’s when my impassioned and just-plain ‘crazy about you guys’ ideas happen.

You might just want to give me a key and a cot!